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StepStep conveys
quality assured goods and
services from Estonia

We open the doors between Norwegian purchasers and Baltic suppliers

We help our Baltic partners to enter the Norwegian marked – and to have success in Norway. So we help them to prepare, we teach them, we assist for needed applications/approvals etc. And we walk next to our partners when they’re in a position to have a project – with translations, explanations, meetings, negotiations, contracts etc. If you then have projects, we’re there to help you with all kind of services you need – ID-cards, establishing Norwegian company/branche office if that is needed, housings etc.

Most of what Norwegian building and construction companies need for their projects can be found in the Baltics. Just as good, but often less expensive. Yes, several customers have expressed that both products and service have been better in the Baltics than what they are used to in Norway. Why so? The Baltics are big manufacturing countries, and the people are proud of what they deliver!
BUT: It’s challenging to come into position for Norwegian potential clients. As the Norwegian economy is very good, and the market is stable, suppliers from ALL Europe try to enter the market. And Norwegian companies just can’t have presentation meetings and start asking for prices and orders from everybody. And without a Norwegian representative, without speaking Norwegian, without knowing the Norwegian laws, regulations and demands, it’s rather hard to succeed.

On our website we present the Baltics and products and services that Norwegian purchasers can safely shop. StepStep is a Norwegian owned and led company representing all providers in Norway.

We open doors and make sure we create good and personal contact between Norwegian clients and suppliers in the Baltics. Step Step also provides advices on almost anything regarding the Baltic industries. We know the countries, businesses and authorities- and have all the contacts needed for making a successfull cooperation between Norway and the Baltics. (We also know about companies you should not deal with…)

It is one thing to get an insight into what Baltic suppliers can offer through our website. It is something quite different to head over (75 minutes by plane between Norway and the Baltics to meet potential business partners face to face. Therefore, we organize trips for both Norwegian purchasers and Baltic suppliers to experience each others with their own eyes. Contact us about our 2-day study trips or long weekend trips (you bring your loved ones and combine the useful with the pleasurable). Please contact us on tel. +47 905 86 963 or send an email to post@stepstep.no.

We know the Baltics

Since independence in 1991, investments have poured into the Baltics. Much of the investment has come from the EU.

The Baltic countries have machines and equipment on a par with that found in more western countries, and produce bought from the best suppliers in the world. You cannot find better professionals than Baltic managers, engineers and production workers.

StepStep is a Norwegian owned and led Estonian company (Norwegian subsidiary), that connects Norwegian purchasers and Baltic suppliers. We know the Norwegian market. We know the Baltics and it’s suppliers, and we represent a lot of those suppliers in Norway. Our goal is to create long-lasting, professional, business bond between Norwegian property developers, building companies and so on – and suppliers in the Baltics. Our employees speak Norwegian, and all the vendors speak English well. Some even speak Norwegian!

Our Baltic partners see Norway as their priority export market and have satisfied all Norwegian quality requirements.

What products and services are we dealing with?

  • Carpentry contracts
  • Steel and sandwich elements
  • Windows: wood, wood/aluminium, aluminium and pvc
  • Doors; exterior doors, interior doors, sliding doors, patio doors
  • Steel doors and ports, locks etc.
  • Facades of glass/aluminium and various other materials
  • Architectural or interior designer services
  • Engineering services
  • Precast concrete, concrete stairs etc.
  • Stairs in wood or in comibination with steel and glass
  • Furniture and interior solutions
  • Electricians working up to 1000 V (DSB- approved)
  • Plumbing, interior (Central approval class 3)
  • Ventilation
  • Sprinkler
  • Housing and apartment modules
  • Work barracks in wood and steel
  • Steel halls
  • Subcontractors, ranging from detached houses to blocks, commercial buildings and halls
  • Wire sawing
  • Stone worktops for kitchen and bathrooms, stone for walls, floors etc.
  • Bathroom pods
  • Signs, pylons, banners, films, 3D decoration items
  • Steel; from “gizmos”, balcony railings and stairs, to the main structural steel solutions for bridges, buildings, walkways etc.
  • Wrought iron works
  • Parquet
  • Glass
  • Steel stands and ceilings
  • Balusters for ceilings and walls, indoor and outdoor
  • Glulam beams and structures
  • Sinks, washbasins and bathtubs from clients’ own design
  • Mouldings
  • System interiors
  • Consulting/QHSE
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Welcome to a good cooperation between Norway and the Baltics!

Baltic suppliers deliver Norwegian quality, often at lower prices. Baltic companies and their employees are proud of what they deliver. Both production and raw materials are purchased from reputable western suppliers and EU standards are followed. Therefore, you can safely order both materials and services from suppliers we present here. With a significantly lower salary than in Norway, lower operating costs and lower demands on gross profit, prices normally are lower than you are used to. When all the manufacturers are also represented in Norway through StepStep, it’s easy and safe to shop from the Baltics.

Several of our Baltic partners are StartBANK certified, some also have Central Authorization Class 3 in Norway.

If you cannot find what you need here, simply contact us. We will help you to find the appropriate suppliers. Yes, we provide Baltic suppliers all the way from architects, to producers of goods and services, right up to the gardener who rolls out the lawn!

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